Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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✅Blocks 40% of Blue Light😎
✅Reduce Glare & Eye Fatigue🌟
✅Durable & Flexible Material🥰

👓Protect young eyes from blue light👓

Do your kids spend a lot of time looking at digital screens? Protect their eyes from harmful blue light with the Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These glasses protect your children’s developing eyes from the harmful blue light that computers, tablets, mobile devices and game consoles transmit.

A special lens reduces glare and blocks blue light to ease eye discomfort and fatigue that is associated with increased use of electronics. These glasses offer full protection for your kid’s eyes so they can use computers safely and fully enjoy playing computer games.


  • BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING PROTECTION- It blocks 40% of the blue light on the 430nm-450nm spectrum, and 100% of the blue light at 410nm, preventing the suppression of melatonin and promoting better sleep.

  • REDUCES GLARE- Special lenses work to eliminate the glare from computer screens, TVs, tablets, consoles or handheld games/devices and allows less harmful light to pass through. Now your children can enjoy playing games without eyestrain.

  • EXTREME FLEXIBILITY & DURABILITY-It is made of extremely durable and flexible silicone plastic that is nearly impossible to break.

  • STYLISH & FUN COLOR- The vibrancy, comfort, flexibility, and light weight these glasses makes them the perfect way to protect your eyes against blue light. Your child will love wearing their computer glasses in their favorite color of our stylish frames.


  • Width: 123mm
  • Lens Size: 49 x 41mm
  • Nose-pad Width: 18mm
  • Arm Length: 127mm
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